CYTALUX® is the latest advancement in Intraoperative Molecular Imaging that makes lung cancer visible in real time.

CYTALUX is the only FDA approved molecular imaging agent that enables
real-time localization of pulmonary lesions

In 19% of subjects, the primary lung lesion was localized, but not detected with conventional methods.
In 8% of patients, surgeons found one or more malignant synchronous lesions that were not previously identified.

In 38% of patients, a close resection margin (≤10mm) was identified.*

Surgeons reported changing the scope
of their procedure
in 29% of patients
due to the use of CYTALUX.

* Sarkaria IS, Martin LW, Rice DC, Blackmon SH, Slade HB, Singhal S; ELUCIDATE Study Group. Pafolacianine for intraoperative molecular imaging of cancer in the lung: The ELUCIDATE trial. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2023 Mar 3:S0022-5223(23)00185-X. doi: 10.1016/j.jtcvs.2023.02.025. Epub 2023 Mar 02. PMID: 37019717.
† Based on a prespecified exploratory endpoint for the proportion of subjects for whom the surgical plan was changed based on fluorescence imaging both prior to initiation of the surgical procedure and upon re-imaging of the surgical field after surgical procedure prior to closing. (N=100, 95% CI [20.4, 38.9])

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